Wacky Wednesday

Abigail slept thru the night!!! Sewing today. Can’t say I was much help 😒 fun to talk to people tho… Abigail and I had a wic appt at 2pm. I stopped at home after sewing to get some papers for the appt and left Abigail in the car since I was just running in. When […]

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Dominoes amd upwords

Abigail’s new toys😮 she goes chaotic with dominoes kicking them about and waving her hands in them. Ever since Uncle Donovan and her had a high time at Christmas she’s really cut lose and started acting up😁 Donovan would hang her upside down by her feet and swing her about and have her laughing… Last […]

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Friday night 🌙

Well Weston got home from work too late so we didn’t go to jumbo buffet. Bummed abput that but after a bit of sulking =0 I made orange chicken and rice and it was yummy! Amy tips on keeping a baby happy when you feel tired and you are both feeling house bound? We stepped […]

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Thankful List

A contented baby and her dominoes. Sunshine! 🌞 It’s Friday❗ Bright oranges embers in the stovtaki򓐊 A nice doctor to talk too and Abigail doing well well during my ekg. Also finding out I don’t need to see a cardiologist for my irregular heart beat, unless something changes. Thrift store finds! Cotton sleepers and a […]

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Oh money, money!

Have you read this book? My soup turned into hamburger gravy amd waffles. I did cook hamburger so I can make my soup tomorrow… Abigail and I took a walk in the backyard. It’s pretty wet yet. We had alot of rain a couple days ago. I forget which day =0. One of the guys […]

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